Cultural Soiree at Mango Mela: Music, dance and martial display

June 25, 2016: A song-and-dance ensemble highlighting the different phases of a Bengali wedding enthralled the audience at the courtyard of Handloom Haat in Delhi this evening, where a cultural soiree was organized by the Office of the Resident Commissioner, Government of West Bengal, along with the ongoing Bengal Mango Mela 2016 being held at the venue.

Prantic Cultural Society, Ghaziabad, presented the lively and vibrant performance, while the patrons also enjoyed the breathtaking and scintillating martial arts display by Raibenshe dancers from Bengal, led by Shri Ajit Konai. Raibenshe is a genre of folk martial dance performed by males. This dance was once very popular in West Bengal. Presently, it is performed mostly in the districts of Birbhum, Bardhaman and Murshidabad. Traditionally, it involves vigorous movements of the body along with the acrobatics of a raibansh (a long bamboo stick), from which its name originated.

Baul songs by Km. Anju Barik and Shri Ashok Barik and “dhak” beats by Shri Dasan Das and Shri Nadu Das also added to the festive flavour.