Duties & Activities

1. Making the people of New Delhi well informed about the achievements of the State Government within its limited resources.

2. Projection of correct image of West Bengal to the local people through various media.

3. Dissemination of information on various aspects of West Bengal and view-points of the Government of West Bengal.

4. The Centre maintains a Reference Library with a considerable number of books and periodicals including Government Publications, Reports and Acts. The role of the Library is to provide information on major aspects of the State to mediapersons, scholars, students, local Bengali community members and others.

5. The Centre brings out a ‘Delhi-Kolkata Information Directory’. It also distributes government publications like “Paschimbanga” and “West Bengal”.

6. The Centre organizes Book Fair with Bengal Association, New Delhi. It also organizes Jute & Handicrafts Fair, Cotton & Handloom Expositions etc.

7. The West Bengal Pavillion at Pragati Maidan in maintained and administered by WBICC. The arrangements and management showcasing the State in India International Trade Fair (IITF) is discharged by WBICC.

8. Apart from the above, WBICC is entrusted to organize various other festivals, fairs, exhibitions, seminars and discussion sessions.

9. M.P Corner was set up in Banga Bhawan exclusively to cater to the needs of the elected Members of Parliament from West Bengal. The Corner is manned and administered by WBICC.


Last Updated on: February 19th, 2014